Steel Buildings

As of 2012, we are excited for our new partnership with Sunward Consolidated Group and Wedgecor Steel Buildings.
Wedgcor Steel Buildings

Sunward Steel Buildings

This is the newest and in many cases the best choice especially for large buildings, warehouses, churches,  ice areans, aquatic centers, shops, the list goes on! Engineered from the foundation up, it is the best, of buildings, and for a very good price. Large buildings, even when built by owners, can be done cheaper and much more endurable with steel buildings.

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The old way of looking at steel was the Quonset style building, with aluminum and galv aluminum finishes. Though this may work in certain application, the new steel building is far more adaptable than the old way. Even homes are built with a steel structure. In areas that are prone to fires, earthquakes, and even flooding, this becomes an excellent choice,due to the engineering involved. Many companies do not have local people handling these buildings.

Here in the cariboo , and serving Prince George, through to the Thompson Nicola area, we have local engineers for the foundation design and field reviews for the facility.Not only that, but it should be noted that “not all steel buildings are equal”. The quality does count, and the details do matter!

Color fading guarantee for life, and tensile steel strength of 85000 psi..makes a difference.The cost expansion for a facility over 5000 sq ft with hi ceilings up to 30 ft, is amazing.Wood structures are limited in size and capacity, but an airport hanger, with insulation, and concrete floors, with the building erected and finished, that is around 50’ x 80’ could save you $20,000 or more over wood frame. Also would have a strong and impervious building that will endure  maintenance free, for years!

If you have a desire to erect and build the building yourself, we can work with you to provide the building to the local specs (ie roof snow load, ground snow load, wind specs, etc) right to your job site.

So if you or someone you know, is interested, please call, 250 609 1028, or 250 791-6414. What ever you do, don’t just go “price” shopping. Some facilities, do not have engineering approvals for the Province of B.C., some do not spec out the projects for our area (ie snow loading) and still more, do not have local engineers to work with.  Make an informed choice, and make sure you are looking at “apples to apples” in your choices.

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